Karolina Halatek 《HALO》

2019/08/17 00:00——2019/09/30 00:00


HALO的中心环绕着人们想象中的超自然感,即清晰、光线和延伸的空间。这个圆形的浸入式装置是为个体体验而设计的。个体观众在与作品互动的过程中,有可能在沉思、纯粹、抽象的环境中发现自身存在的新维度。作品标题映射着在太阳或月球周围发生的自然光学现象,该现象由光在冰晶的相互作用下产生。这种大气现象第一次被记载,是在公元637年的《钦书正史》(Chin Shu)的一节中,在关于十晕的记录中出现了26个太阳光晕的术语。在展览中,观赏者可进入整个空间最中心的天体部分,与整个作品融合成空间的核心部分。

HALO》作为一个光沉浸装置,通过其形式的简单和极简主义创造出沉思的环境。作品是为人类尺度而设计的,并提供了互动的可能性。该装置以一个局内人的角度,以一种新的意想不到的方式帮助观众体验空间。观众被邀请站在作品的中间,成为它的中心点。当观众置身于作品中心的时候,作品变得完整了。它扮演着催化剂的角色,为一个事件创造出新的体验。白色和谐的圆形光晕带来和平、平衡和清晰,站在里面的观众可以以一个新的角度观看这个空间。环绕着人的白光,创造一个保护区域,而中心观众周围的空间则是扩大而开放的。装置的灵感来自于艺术家代祷时的感觉。Karolina Halatek专注于涉及人类感知的作品,揭示存在的新维度,这些维度位于人类知识的边缘,是在可见和不可见之间取得平衡的未知领域。《HALO》的创造过程好似一项实验,在这里,设计的艺术体验的最终结果变得不可预测和独特。《HALO》是关于人类和每个人都有潜力去发现的内在之光。

The essence of the work comes from the imaginary super-natural sensation of clarity, light and extended space. The circular-shaped immersive installation is designed for a personal experience. An individual viewer while interacting with the work has the possibility to discover a new dimension of own presence in the contemplative, pure and abstract environment. Title of the work refers to the natural optical phenomena seen around the sun or moon, produced by light in the interaction of ice crystals. The first references of the atmospheric phenomenon can be found in a section of the "Official History of the Chin Dynasty" (Chin Shu) from 637, on the "Ten Haloes", giving technical terms for 26 solar halos. In the exhibition, the place of the celestial body is given to the art viewer, who becomes a central part of the piece. 

Halo is a light immersive installation that creates the contemplative environment through simplicity and minimalism of its form. Work is designed for human scale and gives the possibility for interaction, experiencing the space in a new unexpected way, from the perspective of an insider. The viewer is invited to stand in the middle of the piece to become its central point. When it happens the piece becomes complete and becomes more the objects, it becomes an event, a happening plays a role of the catalyst for a new experience. White color and harmonious circular shape of Halo brings peace and balance and clarity. View who stands inside it can see the space in a new shifted perspective, white light embraces the person and creates a protective zone, yet space around the person standing in the center of Halo is expanded and open. Installation was inspired by a sensation of the artist during intercessory prayer. Karolina Halatek concentrates on works that involve human perception to unveil new dimensions of existence that are on the edge of human knowledge, unknown territories that balance between seen and unseen. The creative process of constructing light reminds an experimental lab where the final outcome of designing the art experience becomes unpredictable and unique. Halo is all about the human and the inner light that every man has the potential to discover.