Karen Paulina Biswell 《身体》

2019/08/17 00:00——2019/10/15 00:00




I am searching for the perfect balance between authenticity and construction. Reality and Fiction. My work here at the residency consist in producing images that contain a certain degree of reality and a certain degree of construction, in order to arrive at the production of new definitions. During my stay in Chengdu, I have been addressing, registering and exploring this very old and new world, creating images in which I ask If this society recognizes and will see itself or is it mostly a construction, a figment of my imagination. If they are simply my fantasies.

My preoccupation in this past week has been to find certain keys that unlock certain secrets, incorporating an intuitive approach that may place people and cultural objects within a system of ordering that establishes a new language and a new editing of images.

This process aspires to go beyond simple representation, arriving at what I hope is a reflexive proposal. For this reason, through a meditative process of research, I have decided to relate certain cultural uses and metaphors (fermentation, pickling, flower arrangements, body awareness) to my ongoing research concerning the body, especially the female body. The themes of sensuality and desires that I usually address directly, here, in China, have been addressed more indirectly, forcing me to deal with certain taboos that surround the body in different ways. Allowing me to deal with different perspectives concerning the body, to understand how fermentation and a more interior vision create an expression of the body that I have only come to understand here. This intertwining relationship of the exterior and interior are what I call the fermentation process, the deep links bodies have here to certain cultural practices have given me the possibilities to explore, express and understand the body in a new way.